Disco Fever!

It’s no secret that I love a little sparkle here and there.  The more I think about it, the more I realize I need to embrace the 70′s Disco Diva inside of me.  But I digress. These sequin harem pants are from JCrew.  Can you believe it?  I’m diggin’ them and would love to own a pair.  I can see myself wearing them on one of my dress down days hanging out in Tribeca.  Oh, but did I mention that they’re $650?  But wait, here’s the kicker, the JCrew website states, and I quote, This item has been very popular and has sold out. Call one of our personal shoppers—they’ll work their magic to try and find it for you or add you to a wait list should it come back in stock.” Hmm …. What would you do?

6 Responses to “Disco Fever!”

  • When you’ve gotta have ‘em, you’ve gotta have ‘em. That said…are they really worth $700? OK. You’re right. Call your personal shopper.What shoes does one wear with harem pants, Kalyn?

  • I’m all for releasing the disco diva but $650?! Sheesh. Seems too trendy of an item for such a price — and I’m a J.Crew devotee. Surely Top Shop or H&M have “cheap and cheerful” versions that’ll be just as cute.

  • These are great! I am absolutely enamored with all things metallic, particularly silver and love these pants. The harem style is not my style and the price tag, whoo. Glad they’re sold out so I don’t have to fret over them.

  • Ridiculous! The age of wanton excess and disposable or more like “throw-away” income is long over. Did JCrew not get the memo??? However perhaps it did and the folks who shelled out $650 for sequined harem pants did not. In any event, those pants albeit cute on the model, not so sure how the average gal will pull them off. In any event, I frankly do not deem it as a “must-have” to suffer the anxiety that I will never own a pair. “To each her own.”

  • Surely some other fast fashion brand would have one cheaper. But I’m feeling you girl – those pants are amazing.

  • Ok, Valencia needs to run for office. That was a campaign speech. It’s just fashion girl even if I do agree. I do not deem them as a “must-have.”

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