What Would Kalyn Wear?

This week’s question comes from JT who asks:

Kalyn -

I’ve been invited to a black tie wedding this Fall.  I’m planning to wear a LBD, but I’m wondering if it’s ok to wear a black dress to a black tie wedding?  Kind of seems like it should be fine, but I’m not sure on the protocol here.




Dearest JT -

Great question!  While it used to be believed that wearing black to a wedding was considered funereal, unless you plan to wear a black veil and cry into your hankie you’re probably fine wearing black to a black tie wedding.  While black is no longer considered a taboo color for wedding guests, white/ivory/cream are all colors to steer clear from.  There should be no one at the wedding other than the bride who looks like the bride.  However, to be certain about wearing black to a wedding, I’d err on the side of caution and ask the bride what her feelings are about it.  Nine times out of ten she’s not going to care as long as you’re dressed appropriately and not wearing anything that will show her up!  One other point, is that some cultures believe it’s bad luck for the bridal couple if guests wear black to a wedding, whether it’s black tie or not.  Another good reason to ask the bride or someone close to her whether black is appropriate.  And lastly, just a nit, unless a wedding invitation says “black tie optional,”"black tie” means long dresses for women.  Check with the bride to see what her preference is . . .

Stylishly yours,


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