Sittin’ Pretty On The Telephone . . .

I wish looked this fabulous while at home talking on the phone! We can all dream though, right?  While I don’t look this great to sit around at home fielding phone calls, becoming a part of the technological age (i.e., skyping) forced me to get out of my Summer dole drums (the record temps literally zapped my energy) and get to my desk all dolled up to talk to clients and colleagues.  I’m curious.  Even for those of you who typically don’t work from home, I know you do every now and again because I used to – when you work from home do you get dressed for work?

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  • We have all just decided to keep a wig and a tube of lipstick near the laptop for unexpected Skype calls. (LOL) No seriously, what suggestions do you have for “keeping it cute” when working form home.

  • It’s funny you should write this. I had a conversation with myself the other day about this very topic.Lol. No I don’t dress up when working from home. However, I decided that I will commit to dressing up at least 1 or 2 days a week. However, I will not look as fabulous as the lady in the photo.

  • I love to look my stylishly best EVERYDAY, whether working at home or at my job! Three things I LOVE to do the most for myself, is DANCING, MAKE-UP and DRESS-UP!! Thankfully, all three conincides beautifully and I get SUPER dressed up three nights a week during my Argentine Tango and Salsa classes/socials at a dance studio–ooo la,la! I feel when you dress the character, you perform better whether doing work at home, job site and/or play!!! For me, when you look good, it makes you feel good about yourself so get dolled up ladies!!!

  • I started working from home about a year ago and there is no dressing for work. All of my meetings are teleconferences so there is no need to look decent. I am trying to get in the habit of working from a coffee shop at least once a week so I can make an effort to get up early and get dressed. I have considered co-working for this reason also; then it would be like going into the office daily and I can dress the part!

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