Sounds like they could be your two best friends, right?  Well, I’ve adopted them as mine!  I LOVE their vegan friendly and toxin-free nail lacquer.  A few weeks ago my friend Geneva invited me to a launch party for their Fall 2010 new colors at Carole’s Daughter’s flagship store in Harlem.  I fell in love with the liquid gold color (I know, it’s the Disco Diva in me), “Got My Groove Back” which I really think should be called “Living My Life Like It’s Golden!”.  Others went for the metallic-y forest green “Blowin’ Money Fast”, which I must admit I didn’t get until I saw it on others.  It’s a hot hot color and will definitely be one of my Fall go-to colors.

Color: Got My Groove Back

Color: Blowin' Money Fast

Ginger+Liz is the brainchild of H. Ginger Johnson (no relation to moi) and S. Liz Pickett, friends and lovers of fashion and beauty products.  I got a chance to talk to G+L for a few minutes and of course I wanted to know how they came up with such a genius idea.  They said that they just kept tossing ideas around and before they knew it, Ginger+Liz was born.  While neither has given up her day job yet, Ginger is an entrepreneur with vast experience in ad sales and Liz is a model, actress and author, they are hoping to sign a distribution contract with a large retailer soon which may make the need for their day jobs obsolete. In the interim, you can find their products online and at select nail salons for $12 a pop in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

Liz Pickett and Ginger Johnson of Ginger+Liz

Geneva getting her nails done

New friend & Fab Style Blogger Sarah Conley

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