I rarely travel without my laptop nowadays; I almost feel naked without my computer!  I LOVE this zebra print laptop case from Luxmo – it’s the perfect size for an iPad or a 10″ computer . . .  Hmm, this may be just the excuse I need to add an iPad to my electronics portfolio!  What do you think?


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  • i like that case-and you should get an ipad. i just bought one a few weeks ago and love it. it is not a substitution for a laptop BUT it is a lot of fun. there are several things you cannot do on an ipad as apple and adobe have not come to a licensing agreement so adobe does not work on the ipad. but really it is so cool- you should get one – it suits your style.

  • Oh my netbook would look stylish wearing this! I love my lightweight and slim netbook, and it fits in almost all of my purses and tote bags. It is great for when I don’t need to carry around my heavy work laptop. Also, I am anxiously awaiting my new generation kindle any day now and am looking for a nice case for it.

  • I like it!

  • I just love this computer case…how stylish and cute! An I-Pad is at the top of my Christmas list and this computer case is just behind it. Thanks for surfacing up such a great find.

  • I think I want an Ipad too.

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