I discovered FitFlops last Summer while on Martha’s Vineyard.  My fashionable friend, Mia and her mother each seemed to have a different pair each day. Their feet looked sooooo comfortable and the their FitFlops so stylish that I ordered a pair online while on my vacation!  FitFlops are more popular than ever and they’ve come out with a few new styles that even more stylish than than before.  Of course Mia has a pair of Riatas, the ones with the fun ankle strap. And then there’s the Rebel for those of you who are looking for something a little funky.  Oh, and did I mention they’re great for toning your butt, hips, thighs and legs?  Kind of a no-brainer – comfort, style and toning all in one!  Every woman should own at least one pair of FitFlops.


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  • Mr TBS has been trying to convince me to grab a pair of the Skechers version of the FitFlops but I just couldn’t do it. These, however, are more akin to my speed. Hmmm.

  • Oh yes, my best friend Stacee introduced me to them last year when I was on the hunt for some comfy summer walking shoes. The minute I slide my soles into my silver Fitflops, my toes started singing a new song. My butt and my arches have been thanking me ever since. Soon, the red patent and black sequin pairs will be joining the family.

  • Oooh…thanks for posting this…I am ordering them this weekend online with your links! I have been looking at them for over a year, but they have gotten more stylish lately, so now I am ready to buy. I go to Disney World a lot for both work and play and I need something to carry in my bag when my feet have had enough.

    I wore flat sandals in NYC a few days ago walking around Central Park for 3 hours and the next day I was in so much pain.

  • These are great! So comfy!

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