Are You a Formerly?

So, what is a “Formerly” you ask?  According to Stephanie Dolgoff, author of My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young, a Formerly is someone in their late 30s/early 40s who is no longer HOT and is not quite middle-aged.  You know, someone who used to wear heels of death-defying heights and skirts that left little to the imagination, who now thinks about whether owning such items is practical.  Kids, bad feet and large thighs may all be contributors to you being a Formerly according to Ms. Dolgoff.  I beg to differ.  This may be a case of the lady doth protest too much, but I like to believe that like a fine wine I’ve gotten better with age.  My skirts may be a little longer, but I do what I can to work what I’ve got!  Am I a little wiser? Yes. Have I become an expert on hair coloring? Of course.  But a Formerly?  Never!

I will always drink champagne with pizza and eat take-out on my fine china.

What about you dear reader?  Are you a Formerly?


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  • I didn’t realize using china to serve honey nut cheerios b/c all of the regular bowls were in the dishwasher qualified me as stylish. Yeah for me!

  • With a 2 year old running around I’ve been feeling like a “formerly” lately but after looking at my old duds and hot young thangs doin’ their thing all around me, it shocked me into action! I’m working out again and taking a girls trip to revive myself and my wardrobe. One thing I have always managed though – no matter what I’m drinking, be it champagne or Kool Aid, I always take my beverage in crystal!

  • In my early 30′s I visited a great aunt in her nursing home. Both legs had to amputated because of diabetes. She and I begin to discuss aging and the accumulation of “things”. I thought for sure that she would give me some pearls of wisdom like…..”THINGS DONT MATTER”…”SAVE YOUR MONEY”…but not my auntie…she instead said LIVE HONEY…use that china, buy those shoes and don’t for one moment be off your game. BE your best…you is all “ya got”. So…..I took that as permission to accumulate and LIVE. Since then,however, I have learned to purge when necessary. BUT I WILL NEVER BE A FORMALLY (as in a used to be) because everything I accumulated can stand the test of time. I drink my morning juice out of Baccarat and didn’t hesitate to use silk on my Donghia sofa that I sit in to watch football with my husband. I am still buying the highest heels on the shelf. But, I know how to bring it down when it suits me. Life is meant to LIVE (and contribute). It’s the youth of today are always a former shell of themselves actually. I read a stat that the average person re-invents themselves every 6 mos….so technically we are all FORMALLY. IN FACT, I am different person that I was when I started typng this note…except for the Baccarat and the sofa and the YSL shoes. Some things will never change! Formally Yours! Mignon

  • The author may be FORMERLY hot, but she is CONTINUOUSLY the kind of girl I have always hated.

  • Thank god I’m not. I’m with you, may wear my skirts a little longer or with leggings but I’m still hot!

  • I’m not exactly a Formerly.. I don’t wear the short skirts anymore because I’m married but that hasn’t stopped my “fly”. I still wear stilettos, drink champagne whenever the mood hits me and eat chinese food off the china.. rather I serve it on china as I don’t really eat chinese anymore.

    Great post!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you for the well wishes on my 1st anniversary and gown and the peacocks. You should get them.. =)

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