I love photographs!  You can count on me to be the one snapping away at life’s most important, and not so important, events.  Even in this day and age of Blackberries and iPhones with picture taking capabilities, the photo quality just can’t compare to that of a real camera.  As a result, I almost always have my camera with me, because you just never know, right?  My red Canon PowerShot takes great pictures and is so small that it fits in my tiniest purses.  Of course, just when I thought my camera was perfect, I learned about these cool camera straps that can instantly transform your camera into a chic Chanel-esque wristlet.  These hot camera straps are the brainchild of Teen Vogue Accessories Editor (it’s all about the accessories ladies!), Sarah Frances Kuhn.  The line is called SFK and they come in a variety of options, I’m diggin’ the multi-color chain with the tie-dye cord.  It’ll set you back $30 bucks, but hey you and your camera will be stylin’ and profilin’!


[image from Refinery29]

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