Martha’s Vineyard: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

We’ve been going to Martha’s Vineyard every Summer for the past 4 years.  Prior to that, I’d been going off-and-on with friends for about 6 years.  So, while not a lifer, I guess you could say that I have a pretty good sense of the island and life on it in the Summertime.  And whenever presented with a quandry  I can’t solve, I just ask my friend JT (a lifer) who has encyclopedic knowledge about all things MV – need a great lobster roll, birthday cake or the best place to find a house?  JT has the answer for you.

Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been too.  Just as Willow Springs, the island in Gloria Naylor’s book Mama Day, plays a vital role in the lives of its inhabitants, Martha’s Vineyard is a special place that holds a very dear spot in the hearts of those who return to it annually.  Time stands still when you’re on the island. Eating good food, catching up with friends, going to the beach, lazing around – there’s time for all of this and more in just one day. However, getting there is no joke!  It is literally planes, trains, automobiles and ferries for just about all who travel to Martha’s Vineyard.  Is it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!  (My sister who has two small kids and lives in the Midwest would beg to differ with me, but hopefully they’ll come out again next Summer).  But, getting there is more than a notion. And I’ll be honest, packing can be a bit overwhelming because you never know exactly what you might need (i.e., want) while on the island.  At this point, I’ve pretty much gotten it down to a science though.  Below are my 12 essential items for Martha’s Vineyard.

  1. Zip Code tote bag from JMcLaughlin – It’s roomy, chic and husband-friendly all at once.
  2. Un flip-flop like flip-flops – I’m partial to Jack Rogers (it’s the Prepster in me) and FitFlops (they’re oooh, so comfortable!).
  3. Lilly P! – It just seems right to wear Lilly Pulitzer on one of the preppiest islands in the nation, plus her clothes are sooooo comfortable and functional.
  4. My Kindle – I don’t leave home without it!
  5. Sunglasses – I’ve been diggin’ my Ray-Ban Aviators this season; they’re so light on my face.
  6. Moisturizing hair and skin products – I’m partial to KerastaseKiehl’s and Neutrogena.
  7. Meco Charcoal Grill – My husband’s favorite grill; charcoal is just so much better than gas.  And yes, we actually bring our grill with us in our car to MV.
  8. A Bikini – My stomach just gets too hot to wear a one-piece, I’m weird like that.
  9. A Tunic – Tunics are great for beach vacations, you can dress them up or down and in a pinch they make great cover-ups.  No one does tunics better than Tory Burch.
  10. My Camera – As you know, I love my red Canon PowerShot.
  11. My iPod & Speakers – You gotta have your tunes on the beach and music for impromptu house parties.
  12. A Cocktail Shaker – Those impromptu house parties usually get started ‘cuz someone is using a cocktail shaker.  Enough said.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?  Anything you won’t leave home without?


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  • You forgot

    – bikes (if you are driving, and of course now, a ferry reservation – sign the days of just showing up and being able to get on island….), so you can ride down to the dog and get coffee and muffins in the am
    - a stop at the grocery store off island for basics so you aren’t gouged by the A&P;
    - a light wrap for late night walks on the beach (for wind, not heat)
    - photo albums, as I inevitably run into frineds from undergrad and need a funny picture or two…

    Have a fab stroll down Circuit Ave and eat lots of ice cream!!!

  • i like to lay out (i know…bad) and find that nars body glow just accentuates the bronzeness perfectly. and it smells like vacation.

  • Thanks for the shout out Kalyn! I am looking forward to hanging out with you this weekend when I arrive on “The Rock” as some of us lifers refer to it.

    Fortunately the island has some great boutiques so you can always pick something up if you forget to bring it!!

  • I came across your blog last week and I am now a hug fan!! You are simply fabulous!!

  • Arrived here via The Broke Socialite:). Your list is perfect. BTW, Ray Bans are in fact the preppiest sunglasses, according to my recent Twitter research. My dad used to have a house on the Vineyard, on Oyster Pond. The 4th of July fireworks at Oak Bluffs are the best anywhere. Now I want to go back.

  • I got to your blog via The Broke Socialite. I haven’t been to MV since moving to Atlanta from NJ 6 years ago and I truly miss it! We go to Florida and Charleston now and while very nice, not Martha’s Vineyard at all.

    Good list!

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