Pretty or Ugly?

I saw this pair of shoes a week ago in the window at the legendary British shoe store, Church’s, on 63rd Street. I was running late for a doctor’s appointment, but these caught my eye and I did a double-take as I rounded the corner onto 63rd off of Madison Avenue.  These are Church’s Burwood Brogues.  Not generally my kind of shoe – I typically favor a heel of at least the 3″ variety –  but these did make my heart go pitter-patter.  They’d look great with a pair of jeggings or black leggings, don’t you think?  I know people usually think of Church’s as a stuffy shoe store for the discerning gentleman, and it is, but they make beautiful shoes for women too. Each pair of Church’s shoes takes 8-10 weeks to manufacture.  Believe it or not, each pair of Church’s shoes are still hand made in their historic Northampton factory. What do you think? Would you wear them?  (Oh by the way, the come in black suede with silver too).  Pretty or Ugly?


[image courtesy of Net-a-Porter]

8 Responses to “Pretty or Ugly?”

  • i could see it working but not a fan

  • Pretty cool. I’d actually keep it traditional and rock them with an all white menswear outfit (a la Diane Keaton)!

  • For some reason these shoes remind me of the 1940s watching black and white mob movies. However, we have come a long way in fashion and who (male or female) can wear what. For instance, I’m SO into fodora hats and the other day, a man approached me on the street and said I’m wearing a man’s hat and I responded, “True, but don’t you think it looks better on a lady?”–then tipped my hat to him leaving him speechless.

    Honestly, I neither find these shoes pretty nor ugly, but rather fashionable if worn with the right outfit, whether male or female. What you suggested wearing them w/ jeggings will certainly make these pair stand out making a fashion statement indeed.

  • I could possibly see these shoes paired with a men’s style tailored suit fit for a woman. I can’t really see with leggings, but I’ll have to defer to you as the expert.

  • I give them a *Meh* I think the right person with the right outfit could pull these off but I’m not a fan.

  • I think they are cute!!! I don’t think I’d do them with leggings or jeggings, but with a crisp white pant and shirt for summertime happy hour on a roof top deck…..

  • Back when I was growing up in the ’60′s we used to wear a brown version of these that had a big flap on them. They were known as British Brogues and everyone (even the girls who went to Catholic school and wore uniforms) had a pair! We wore them with knee socks and seriously short skirts (miniskirts had just come out) or walking shorts. When you weren’t wearing them you held down the flap with a rubber band to keep it from curling up on the ends.

  • They look well made but not for my feet. If you want androgynous, then these are a go.

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