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In Fashion News This Week  . . . is a new post that will appear weekly on Possess Your STYLE to help keep you in the loop on the latest and greatest in the fashion world.  Let me know what you think of it – I love to read your comments.  And if you read an article that you think others should know about, please be sure to let me know and I’ll add it in my weekly round-up!

  • The Cut reports that a Fashion Caucus was created on Capitol Hill to stifle the knock-off industry.  They’re working on a copyright protection bill that has the potential to affect stores like Forever21 and H&M.  Hmm . . .  If it passes, the WSJ reports that hot new young designers who are setting the trends that stores like H&M knock-off will be afforded some measure of protection from “The Problem of With Being a Trendsetter.”
  • Takashimaya, the venerable Japanese department store on 5th Avenue, is closing its doors in June.  The closeout sale began on May 3rd; diehard devotees began lining up at 6 am.  Racked NY
  • Kobe Bryant did a fashion shoot for The LA Times, have you seen it? AverageBro had some thoughts on it and so do Kobe’s teammates. Definitely, something to make you go, “Hmmmm ….”
  • If my post on Consignment Shops made you re-evaluate your relationship with some of your handbags, check out this WSJ article titled “Where to Go for Help After a Handbag Fling.”

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  • Very interesting! I am curious to see how effective the Fashion Caucus will be in preventing “infringment” in fashion. Most clothing isn’t like technology. Trends often repeat themselves over time anyway; so, how do you determine when the infringeent occured? It just seems like a waste given the other more important social and economic issues we have. They should be spending more time on immigration, energy reform and climate change than knock-off fashions!

  • I agree Daniella -it will be interesting to see if anything comes of this … remember, it’s $ that makes the world go round. Designers have money and unfortunately, causes often do not ….

    Stylishly yours,

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