Sex and the City 2 | Carrie On . . .

Believe it or not, I missed the first season of  Sex and the City on HBO.  I was living in New York and I guess I was so busy living my own version of Sex and the City that I was completely oblivious to the show.  My friend Portia, who was living in Detroit at the time, convinced me to start watching the show.  I watched the re-runs in the off-season, got caught up and became a devotee.  I remember exactly where I was when I watched the final episode. The loose ends were tied up and although I was sad that the series was over, I was elated that Carrie and Big, a.k.a. John, finally ended up together.

Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I found something else to occupy my time on Sunday evenings, rumors of a movie sprouted.  I was excited, but afraid to get my hopes up for fear of being disappointed.   Nevertheless, I,  like many of you, went to see Sex and the City -The Movie on opening day. I went with my friends Karla and Adrienne.  We’d ordered our tickets in advance, but we weren’t prepared for the line at the theater. Our lack of planning meant that we were scattered throughout the theater sitting next to strangers.  Own my own, I laughed, I cried and emphathsized with Carrie just like I did when watching Sex and the City at home on Sunday evenings.  For the record, I LOVED the movie!  The movie came out on a Friday and the three of us went back on Sunday to see it (although the theater was packed, we got there early enough to get 3 seats together).  More laughter, tears and empathy.  My friends and I related to the movie on a variety of levels.  I know there’s a cohort of women who were disappointed in the movie’s story line, but being about the same age as the characters in the movie, the realistic portrayal of the complexities of relationships rang true for us.

Carrie got BIG on terms that worked for them.  Charlotte took off her rose colored glasses and still found happiness. Samantha came back to reclaim herself and her city.  And even Miranda began seize the day, slow down and smell the roses. Perfect ending.  And then about a year ago, I heard a rumor that Sex and the City 2 was filming around the city.  Then, the billboards with SJP in that fabulous white Halston Heritage dress were plastered all over the city. And now the count down is on . . . Sex and the City 2 opens in about 6 weeks on Thursday, June 3rd.  Be there or be square! Gather your posse and get ready to be lulled back into that wonderful concrete jungle where dreams are made of . . .


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  • I’m terribly excited to see the movie but that may be because I don’t live in the city any more but nevertheless I can’t wait to see the fashion and feel the glamour.

  • Can’t wait. SATC always makes me remember my fun-loving days of living in NYC as a single professional girl. So great to see this characters evolve to say nothing of the fabulous production design!

  • Yay! Great post Kalyn! I can’t wait pre-order my ticket. Super excited for the love, friendship and wardrobe! But I really hope Carrie doesn’t cheat on Big with Aidan!

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