I say Tunic, You say TuNix!

Tunics are all the rage.  They have been and they continue to be.  Meet our new sponsor – TuNix!  TuNix is the brainchild of Ashley Reiser.  Ashley’s a commercial real estate banker by trade, but when her husband landed a fab new job overseas, she jumped at the chance to live abroad and try her hand at entrepreneurship.  Et voila!  TuNix was born.  Ashley knew nothing about manufacturing clothing when she started her company a few years ago, but she’s a quick study.  She did her due diligence, talked to people in the industry and ended up creating a line of clothing that is comfortable yet casually elegant.  Her goal was to provide the modern woman with stylishly functional clothes. What makes TuNix unique is that their tunics come in 4 different styles – collared or collarless, hip-length and mini-dress – the silhouette is flattering for all body types. TuNix range in size from XS – XL.  And the great thing? TuNix is having a sale, prices are $49 -$110.

JT – Are you calling dibs on the TuNix pictured?

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