The Little Black Book of Success

Have you ever wished that you had a mentor available 24/7?  Kind of like a lifeline . . .  You know, someone with advice and words of wisdom perfectly appropriate for whatever workplace situation you happen to find yourself in at any given moment? Well, The Little Black Book of Success just might be the next best thing.   Together the authors have almost 100 years of experience navigating the corporate world successfully.  While the book is aimed at African-American women, it’s actually a book that will resonate with all women working in the corporate world seeking leadership and success. So, whether you’re in an entry level or more senior job, whether you’re in the public or private sector, the authors hope their book will help you achieve ultimate success. Possessing Your STYLE is about more than dressing stylishly; it’s also about being confident and competent in your chosen profession.  The Little Black Book of Success is a great tool to help you Possess Your STYLE. The authors wrote the book to share their collective years of experience and knowledge so that those of us still in the trenches might benefit and then pass the torch to  future generations of leaders. Ultimately, their goal is to help women maximize their leadership potential — and possibly even exceed the expectations you have of yourself.

I’m soooo glad my friend Jennifer invited me to go to this book signing last night.  I met the authors and got to hear about their experiences and their motivation for The Little Black Book of Success. This book is a gem; it’s chockfull of wisdom that I wish I’d had when I graduated from law school.  Go ahead, check it out and fully Possess Your STYLE!

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