Vacation, all I ever wanted …

Summer has become synonymous with vacations for many of us.  The state of the economy may mean that long weekends have co-opted two week Summer vacations, but going away is going away no matter how long the trip.  Post 9/11 travel has certainly become an exercise in patience, but don’t let the new security measures prevent you from traveling In Style.   Since most airlines are now charging a minimum of $15 per checked bag (unless you’re taking an international flight), taking everything but the kitchen sink is no longer an option for most of us. You can dress comfortably and still be a stylish member of the friendly skies, the Greyhound set, or the Amtrak hoi polloi.  Choose a neutral color pallet for your trip (i.e., black, white, cream, etc.) and pack coordinating items, casual as well as dressy. Take the time to mix-and-match your outfits before packing to make sure that your coordinating items do in fact coordinate. Be strategic in your packing, really think about what you’ll need while away versus what you think you might want. Use your accessories – jewelry, purses, clutches, scarves and shawls – to dress up or dress down your outfits.  No one but you is going to be focused on whether or not you wore that pink tunic two days ago.  Shoes?  Shoes are always tricky.  They can take up lots of room, but that one special pair can really make an outfit come to life.  My general rule of thumb is to pack one heel and one flat and then coordinate outfits around the shoes. For the days you are actually in transit, opt for a great pair of jeans, a long skirt/dress or slacks over sweats.  Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that you can take off easily (if traveling by plane and you don’t have socks on, bring an extra pair in your carry-on to put on when you go through security); and dress in layers on top to insure that you’re equipped for the various temperatures you’re bound to encounter while traveling.  It is always great to have a shawl to keep you warm – it can also provide just the right pop of color to your neutral ensemble.   The perfect way to complete your stylish travel look is a great tote bag.  Use one that’s big enough to carry your essentials on board (toiletries, make up, jewelry and possibly that extra pair of shoes); if you check your bags, your clothes may get lost in space but you will arrive at your destination with the most important items in tow. This way whatever travel drama you encounter, and hopefully there will be none, you will arrive at your final destination perfectly attired and you can focus on having fun and getting into the spirit of things!

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  • Great advice! I completely agree on not traveling in sweats. I have a very comfortable J.Jill wrap top and wideleg pant that I love for traveling – plus I am ready to hit the street when I land with just a quick freshening up. I too travel with a shawl and for long-haul flights a cashmere blanket that folds neatly into my carry on.I’ve also found driving mocs to be ideal for long flights – they slip on and off easily and accommodate swelling feet due to cabin pressure.

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