Hey DJ Keep Playing That Song …

iTunes has revolutionized the way we think about, listen to and interact with music.  If you don’t have an mp3 player, iPod or otherwise, stop reading go out and buy whatever will work best for you – it will change your life. I promise you.  You will become the best DJ you’ve ever known.  But, beware play a playlist for a friend and they may never look at you the same again. Style is about more than the clothes in your closet, it’s about the music you listen to, the restaurants you dine in, the neighborhood you choose to live in, and so on … the list is endless.

Back to the music you listen to – some believe  that “you are what’s on your playlist”.  For the uninitiated, a playlist is a group of songs a person can tailor to his own tastes or moods picked from her larger library music.  Recently the San Fransisco Chronicle reported that experts have weighed in on the subject and have found that our digital music libraries are a reflection of our personalities.  Experts or no, you can tell a lot about someone by the playlists on their iPods.  Music libraries, and playlists in specific, give you a window into someone’s innermost thoughts almost like a diary.  You best believe that the recruiting partner at your law firm who loves Jay-Z and works out to “Show Me What You Got” every morning, has a club outfit (she may only get there 1x a year, but she goes).  Don’t be surprised if the mod girl who works at your favorite coffee shop loves the sauve stylings of crooner Michael Buble (pronounced Bu – blay).  Or that your work BFF secretly wishes WHAM! would re-unite.

The first time an acquaintance grabbed my iPod to scroll through my playlists I was absolutely mortified because my music library is definitely reflective of my style which is multi-facted (and like the partner who works out to Jay-Z, not necessarily all parts of it are for public consumption).  But, I love music and my confidence in my musical tastes (similar to my confidence in my sense of style) far outweighed my fear of comments from the peanut gallery.  Lesson learned?  Unless you are DJ, don’t hand your iPod over to just anyone.

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