Shopportunities!A Shopportunity is a shopping opportunity.  A good deal.  One of those deals that makes you think that tomorrow or 6 months from now I’ll regret not having purchased this dress, pair of shoes, handbag , you fill in the blank.   A shopurtunity equals beautiful clothes that fit you well at a fraction of the retail price. It’s not a shopurtunity if the price is right but you don’t love the look or the fit. Remember to keep this little nugget in mind as you hit the racks or the online sales. Our economy has taken a turn for the worst, but the economic downturn is a fashionista’s paradise.  

Yes, I know it’s Spring, almost Summer, but now is the best time to get great deals on things like furs, cashmere and leather boots because designers and stores are trying to get rid of inventory to make room for their warm weather merchandise. Right now, buying a pair of snakeskin boots when you’re thinking about those reasonably priced JCrew t-straps seems incongruous. But, when you’re at the store ask yourself , “When November hits will I regret not having gotten those boots?” Right now they’re a steal for $125.  This Fall, a similar pair might be as much as $775.  Think about it …  

So, while you’re surfing the net or doing a little window shopping, don’t forget to look for the shopurtunities!

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  • Shopportunity knocks! I happened upon a beautiful Missoni knit dress from the resort line this weekend that was basically marked down to pennies on the dollar. Tried it on and it fit perfectly. Even though I didn’t have a particular event in mind for this dress I bought it anyway because it was so fabulous. Wouldn’t you know I was speaking with a friend who invited me to an event later this year that this dress will be perfect for. If I waited to look for this type of dress in the Fall I would have to pay top dollar for it.This blog was timely and on point and I can’t wait to find more shopportunities to take advantage of. Thanks!

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