jack + bill Fashion Week Party, 09.08.2008

The party was loads of fun!  Check out my photos …

2 Responses to “jack + bill Fashion Week Party, 09.08.2008”

  • What a wonderful and fun evening. Kalyn – congratulations. Jack&Bill definitely picked the right person to honor. You have amazing style and a super personality, with a perfect skill. You are undoubtedly the best stylist I have ever had.

  • Thanks for the invitation to share in such a wonderful evening. I am so happy for you, Jack and Bill made a fantastic choice in picking you to showcase for your great work, Congrats on everything. Ever since I have met you, your sense of style has been subtle, but ALWAYS elegant, classic, beautiful and well, “Stylish”. Makes perfect sense to me that you are pursuing and accomplishing this style goal of yours. I am excited about working with you on my wardrobe, gee do I need it :-)

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