• Buy accessories that make your heart leap! Invest in pieces you love and enjoy wearing – who knows, that fantastic vintage watch or really cool ring may become a signature accessory for you;
  • Get to know your tailor well. Have pants hemmed, waists taken in, pockets cut out and slits sewn, sleeves shortened, ugly buttons changed, whatever needs to be done to make something you love work for you;
  • Underarm Sweat Stain Removal. Mix baking soda & white vinegar in a small dish to create a paste. Coat stained area with mixture & let sit for a few hours. Rinse mixture off and launder as normal; and
  • Very few of us are our ideal size or weight. Don’t get hung up on size, buy clothes that fit you well and if you have to cut the tag out, cut it out and move forward. Vanity sizing has run amok!
[image courtesy of Phillipe Audibet]

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