Fashion stylist and tastemaker, Kalyn Johnson's elegant sense of style, coupled with her engaging personality, ensures that her clients are always beautifully dressed.

Design Style
Kalyn is a true New York fashionista and she is always impeccably turned out.  Her personal style has been described as modern and chic with a unique flair. Kalyn has an extraordinary ability to assess what will be most flattering to a client within minutes of meeting them. Whether a client is male or female, slim or full-figured, Kalyn is skilled at bringing out their best assets. She is able to transform even the most mundane of dressers. Kalyn uses her vast resources, inspiration and creativity to develop truly amazing "looks" whether a client is looking for a wedding dress or a bathing suit.

Professional Background
Kalyn inherited her grandmother's wonderful sense of style.  A great eye and an ability to see the elegance in unique and unusual pieces prompted Kalyn to become a fashion stylist and personal shopper for family and friends alike while in college.

After ten years of practicing corporate law at a large international law firm, Kalyn could no longer resist the lure of the fashion world. In 2007, Kalyn launched her own company, Style by Kalyn Johnson. She specializes in wardrobe makeovers and takes her clients through each step in the process of building a wardrobe for every season.  Kalyn's love of aesthetics and her overall attention to detail translates into well thought out wardrobes or "looks" for her clients whether the occasion calls for casual elegance, downtown chic, urban flair, or beach sophisticate. Kalyn also gives corporate seminars titled, "Elevate Your Style Quotient."  Kalyn's design style goes beyond fashion; she assists clients in crafting the perfect vibe for dinner parties, weddings, and other events.  Kalyn has a Bachelor of Arts and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan, and a Masters of Arts from the University of Chicago, but her most valuable degree is her professional, polished, hands-on approach with clients.

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Media Appearances
A number of Kalyn's clients regularly appear on television, and Kalyn herself has appeared on Good Morning America, New York's Fox News, BET and BETJ, and on Women For Hire TV

Kalyn is a style expert on nationally syndicated radio talk show, The Cooper Lawrence Show.

Kalyn has been featured as a style guru on and as a shopping expert with the Associated Press. You can listen to Kalyn giving style advice in an interview on Blog Talk Radio

"Kalyn was recently chosen by the pop-up PR firm jack+bill to receive their services gratis for the month of August leading up to Olympus Fashion Week starting September 5, 2008."

Personal History
Kalyn spent her formative years in the fashion-forward enclave of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. After a short stint in Chicago, Kalyn moved to New York and found time to hone her sense of style in between practicing law, decorating homes, and co-authoring The BAP Handbook:  The Official Guide to the Black American Princess.  Kalyn loves to travel; she has spent time in Europe, South East Asia, South America and the Caribbean.  Currently, Kalyn splits her time between New York City and Miami, Florida.  Kalyn loves to shop, read, entertain and spend time with her family and many friends.